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About Us


EnergenDx is a companion animal health company that provides in-home diagnostic testing and supplements to prevent disease and maintain your pet’s health and energy.  Using EnergenDx’s proprietary blood, urine and saliva collection technology, pet parents can now collect their own dog’s or cat’s specimen and send it via mail to EnergenDx’s laboratory for testing.  Test results are electronically transmitted back via a Smartphone app.  Tests like Vitamin D, B12 or magnesium, not only provide test results but if insufficient, provide you accurate supplement dosing information specific for your pet.  Now in the comfort of your home, you can monitor critical health parameters such as, Vitamin D, B12, magnesium, inflammation, routine chemistries, food allergens, and more.  EnergenDx carries a full line of high quality supplements tailored to specific needs you pet may need. 

EnergenDx is here for you to maximize the years and joys with your loved one.

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Ordering Tests

Ordering a test is easy – just browse through our offering, find a test or panel that interests you, or use our “panel builder” for a custom set of tests, and order it – a collection kit will be mailed to you.  Upon receipt you will receive live online assistance to perform the specimen collection, and then mail it – that’s all there is to it.  EnergenDx will perform the test(s) and send them back to you via our EnergenDx’s Health Tracker – a convenient Smartphone app for Android or iPhone that tracks results graphically, offers helpful suggestions if results are abnormal, and provides supplement dosing specific for your pet.  Phone consultations are available with a veterinarian for a nominal fee.

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EnergenDx offers remote consultations with licensed veterinarians.  Our veterinarians can work with you to develop a plan for your pet based on your test results, or refer you to specialists if needed.

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